Lonely Planet: Eat Well, Do Good

Food lovers worldwide, we’re waiting for you! The Lonely Planet devotees among you may have seen this morning’s feature on restaurants that support refugees, and we are delighted to be included. See the entire story, titled “Eat well, do good: 10 restaurants improving the lives of refugees” on Lonely Planet.


Eat well, do good: 10 restaurants improving the lives of refugees

Emma Sparks

Lonely Planet Writer

Devoted food lovers will travel to the ends of the earth for a good meal. But have you ever considered the perilous journey some chefs take in order to cook it? These restaurants, cafes and food projects from around the world have nurtured the talents of countless refugees and asylum seekers, serving up delicious plates with a generous side of social conscience.

Emma’s Torch, New York

‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ – these words, taken from refugee advocate Emma Lazarus’ poem The Colossus, are etched onto the Statue of Liberty, and serve as the inspiration behind the culinary training programme and restaurant, Emma’s Torch.

By day, the Brooklyn restaurant is used as a classroom for the apprentices – refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of human trafficking who hail from the likes of Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and Venezuela – and during service, diners eat their homework: new American cuisine such as shawarma spiced lamb loin, grilled cauliflower steak and pistachio bread pudding. Launched in 2017, the non-profit social enterprise has gained support from celebrity chef Rachael Ray and recently opened a second location at Brooklyn Public Library.