Our Culinary Council is an advisory board of industry professionals that supports us in a multitude of ways:

  • Shape the curriculum for our Culinary Apprenticeship. We want our curriculum to reflect the skills needed in New York restaurant kitchens. The Council’s insights into the culinary world help us shape a curriculum that will propel our students into their first culinary job and beyond.

  • Participate as Guest Chefs in our Graduation Dinners. Each month, we celebrate a cohort’s graduation with a ticketed dinner, conceived and prepared by our students in collaboration with a Guest Chef. The Graduation Dinner is an opportunity for our students to highlight their own culinary traditions, to put newly acquired skills to use, and to work with a new chef. Our Guest Chefs play an important role as teachers and mentors.

  • Provide feedback and guidance for our restaurant, cafe, and catering.

  • Connect us to employers who are excited to offer interviews and trails to our students. The Culinary Council serves as a vital bridge between our students and their culinary careers.