Our First Graduation!

Congrats to Pema and Addwa on completing their Emma’s Torch Classroom Cafe training!

Over the past eight weeks, they have worked under the tutelage of Chef Mandy Maxwell to master cooking techniques that will make them successful in a restaurant kitchen. Every weekend, they have put those skills to use, learning how to make sous-vide eggs and perfecting their plating. They have worked with Chef Mandy to create original, delicious recipes, like the Soom Tahini Mocha and the Chocolate Tahini Banana Muffin.

Pema came from Nepal and Addwa from Saudi Arabia. Neither had formal culinary training before starting our program. Both arrived seeking a more prosperous life, and we’re honored that we can be a part of their journey.

We’re proud of Pema and Addwa’s accomplishments and are delighted to count them as members of the Emma’s Torch family. On July 27th, we will celebrate their graduation from our program.

You’re invited! Join us and dig into delicious, authentic dishes like Nepali donuts and mediterranean babaganoush.

You can purchase tickets to the event here.