Yasmine DeSett

Assistant General Manager

Yasmine was first introduced to Emma's Torch in the early summer of 2018, when she volunteered to complete a few artistic endeavors for the organization. In August 2018, she initially joined the team as a server, and has since stepped into the role of Assistant General Manager. After majoring in International Affairs at Florida State University, she eventually made the move to NYC and first began her career path in the textiles industry, before eventually moving into nonprofit. Her volunteer work has included partnering with UNICEF’s The Eliminate Project, as well as volunteering within Big Bend Homeless Coalition. 

Yasmine is an enthusiast of all things artistic and can often be found creating in a variety of mediums. She is committed to life-long learning, and appreciates the cultural sensibility that comes with world travel. Her favorite thing to do when visiting a new place is to head to the local museums, starting with the art exhibits!