What We Do

Emma’s Torch is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides culinary training and job placement services to refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking. We aim to reimagine how refugees are integrated into society. Through hands-on culinary apprenticeship, tailored mentorship, and job placement services, we prepare our students for sustainable employment in an industry in which their culinary heritages can be celebrated.

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How We Serve

The Emma’s Torch Culinary Apprenticeship provides students with training, mentorship, and resources in order to prepare them for long-term success and economic security.

Over the course of our program, students learn the basic skills necessary to thrive in the American culinary industry. They also gain vital experience by working under the guidance of Culinary Director Alex Harris and his team of educators in our full-service restaurant. This in-depth training prepares them to begin new careers at eateries around the city.

Emma’s Torch graduates leave the program with increased communication and teamwork skills. This positively affects our students’ confidence and their careers.

The Apprenticeship is also a valuable means of income-building. Not only do we help students find culinary roles in which they can thrive, we also equip our students with the skills and confidence that they need to succeed.