Edric Huang


Edric is the son of Chinese immigrants, which has informed much of his worldview on the refugee crises. Prior to joining Emma’s Torch, he worked in the field with two humanitarian NGOs, providing mental health and legal aid to asylum seekers living in the streets of Paris. Other past roles have included advocating for Asian Americans and working as a Social Impact Designer to make affordable housing more accessible for low-income, immigrant communities in New Jersey. A native New Yorker, he is ready to uphold his home's rep as the city where dreams do come true. 

Edric received his Bachelors Degree in 2018 from Princeton, where he studied Anthropology and Creative Writing. (His other thesis was a book of poems.) As Program Director at Emma’s Torch, he develops our culinary training program from application to post-graduation, ensuring that every student has a rewarding experience. In his free time, Edric can be found writing scraps of poetry, dancing, or frolicking along the city’s waterfronts.