Created by Oscar Farinetti, Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world. From the opening of the first location in Turin in 2007, Eataly’s philosophy has spread to the rest of the world: “Eat, Shop, and Learn.” Under one roof, guests can taste new dishes at the various restaurants, shop for high-quality products in the marketplace, and discover regional Italian culture and cuisine with classes and demonstrations. 

Eataly already has more than 35 locations in Italy, Japan, Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, Denmark, and the United States. Eataly USA is a product of the collaboration between Eataly Italia; B&B Hospitality Group: Mario Batali, Joe, and Lidia Bastianich; and Adam and Alex Saper, brothers and operating partners. There are locations in Boston (2016), Chicago (2012), NYC Flatiron (2010), and NYC Downtown (2016), with stores planned in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more.