Emma's Torch Featured in Business Insider and Economics 21!

Check out this great story about Emma's Torch and how refugees fill important roles in the food industry in New York. It started on Economics 21, part of the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy, and got picked up by a number of publications including Business Insider

Today, Brodie and Emma’s Torch carry Lazarus’s legacy forward by empowering refugees today and making good on Lady Liberty’s promise.

Emma's Torch Featured on ICE Blog!

Check out this in-depth interview with Kerry, our founder, on the Institute of Culinary Education blog. To give you a taste, here's one of our favorite quotes from the interview:

What inspires me most though are the people you never hear about — the dishwashers, the prep cooks — who work tirelessly because they want to make a better life for themselves and their families, and believe that working hard to make beautiful experiences for people in restaurants is part of that American dream.